PR Ramachander - Ramayana Masam - Adhyatma Ramayanam @ 02 Jul 2014
Dear Sir, I am sure you are aware that the Ramayana Masam is going to begin on 17th july 2014 and that in most of the Hindu homes , it is a custom to read Adhyathma Ramayanam of THunjathu Ezhuthachan during the month. To help those Malayalis who have settled in USA and who do not know how to read Malayalam script, I have typed out the entire Ramayanam in english along with meaning of each verse given in english verse and this is available in my blog I would be grateful if you could send this info to all the Malayalis in UK so that this information reaches all the needy Malayalis. Thanks in anticipation, Ramachander 1.Translations of 1000 stotras: 2. Translations of 1000 Carnatic music krithis : 3. Rules and rituals of Brahmins: 4. Raja Thatha's Blogs : 5. 100 Kerala temples: 6. 100 Village gods of Tamil Nadu : 7. Stories and rhymes for children: 8. Stories illustrating Malayalam Proverbs : 9. Translation of Narayaneeyam: 10. Thunjathu Ezhuthachan's Adhyathma Ramayana : 11. Valmiki Ramayanam in English 12,Kamba Ramayanam in English 13. Nurani Sastha Preethi songs with translation http://nuranisasthapreethi.blogsp
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